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Monday, December 22, 2003
rangers sign jason tyner
rotoworld thinks he's their fifth outfielder, but showalter likes speedy guys that make contact. plus, it's not like he's blocked. their best outfielder is kevin mench. mench is a decent player, but if he's your best outfielder, you got problems. plus tyner can play center. i suppose rotoworld thinks laynce nix is the starting centerfielder, but nix can't hit a medicine ball that's sitting on the plate. then there's rusty greer, who's 35 and hasn't played a full season since 1999. he missed all of 2003 with "various injuries". there's apparently someone named jason jones, but he also has the medicine ball problem.

tyner has his drawbacks. for example, he has never hit a home run at any level of professional baseball. but he makes contact like it's goin outa style, and he flies to first, uh, on his feet. at 26, he'll probably never develop power, but he'll be a useful player for a long time.

shouldn't "like it's goin outa style" mean he's less likely to make contact? who comes up with these sayings, anyway?
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