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Sunday, December 14, 2003
i don't know why any of you read this
in college i was in the film club. we had expensive facilities and thought we were special, but that's a tangent. one day the film club took a trip to comiskey park (now we're on topic.) two of the people i rode with were a couple, both from baltimore, both orioles fans.

this was a few years ago, when the o's were still spending tons of money and eating their shirts.

me: "what's wrong with the orioles?"

them: "i don't know."

that's the story. sorry if you thought would be better. ok i'm not sorry. but the weird thing is that they both spoke at the same time. no, the weird thing is fans think that when the owner spends money, he's a good owner, and when he saves money, he's bad. that's the level we're dealing with. teams have finally wised up, and stopped trying to win (except for a few). they know that losing a popular player will have direct negative impact at the gates. and they're a business. they're interested in profit. in baseball, it's easy to make a profit. so they're doing it.

you're not fans, you're cattle.
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