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Sunday, December 14, 2003
braves get jd drew
john schuerholz is smart. i've said that before. other smart gm's: billy beane, theo epstein (so far), jp ricciardi. . . . that's all i can think of. dave littlefield seems to be doing well in pittsburgh. that cleveland guy, maybe. shapiro. dave dombrowski. i think he's a president not a gm but he built the marlins and he should be able to build the tigers. it's the al central after all. trade analysis is easy when a smart gm is involved. you know the trade was good for his team. one day i'll be able to say "her team." or i could say it now, as an indefinite third-person pronoun.

the other myth i wanna bust is the idea that a trade is a contest between general managers. people have the idea that there is one side that "wins" the trade. like there's a set amount of value, ergo one side must get more than half. this is not the case. most trades help both teams. that's why they happen. sorry to make things less exciting.

adam wainwright is overrated. there's this thing that's happening now where baseball prospectus will anoint someone a "prospect" and then statheads everywhere think he's god. rotoworld is a prime example. everything they write is some watered-down bp opinion.
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