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Saturday, December 13, 2003
arbitration day (sung to the tune of celebration day)
who knew the offseason could be this exciting? my knee-jerk reactions:

1. the orioles are stupid. but we already knew that.

2. the red sox are still better than the yankees. although i do not think they should lose nomar. i'd rather have nomar and his contract than arod and his contract.

3. the dodgers have successfully dumped kevin brown's contract (and picked up $3 million of weaver's!). they'll probably waste the money anyway.

4. the astros paid too much for andy pettitte. they won't sniff the cubs. the cubs, btw, could easily win 100 games with all the crap they get to play against. i predict 95.

5. if clemens is a stro, things get a little more interesting. oswalt-clemens-pettitte is a quality top 3, with good 4 & 5 options (robertson, saarloos, redding, hernandez), a strong bullpen, and a solid lineup (despite the black hole at catcher). oh yeah wade miller is pretty good too.

6. the braves win the nl east. i don't know how, but just you wait and see. the biggest reason for the braves success in the last six years, by the way, is andruw jones. in addition to his solid offensive contributions, he is the best defensive center fielder of all time, by far.

7. the a's didn't tender jose guillen, the braves didn't tender gary sheffield, and the expos didn't tender vladimir guerrero. something stinks. that's all i'm gonna say. it makes you think i know something.

8. 8. i forgot what 8 was for.

9. blogger sucks. i've got to find a new site. or give up (probly the better option).
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