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Monday, November 10, 2003
rookie of the year
this is the big week. bud & the boys finally tell us the results of all those votes they did at the end of the season. i know i'm on the edge of my seat. but you're probably a jaded cynic who thinks the awards are arbitrary and the voters don't know shit.

rookie of the year should be correct more often. there are only ever a handful who get enough playing time. but still they screw it up. you gotta hand it to 'em.

yeah so the rookies the writers liked this year were angel berroa and dontrelle willis. the rookies who played the best were hideki matsui and brandon webb.

ok i'll make some arguments. the al thing happened because berroa plays in a hitter's park and matsui plays in death to right-handed hitter stadium. ed: which is not relevant, as he bats lefty. you can't get too angry because (1) the voters took position into account, and (2) the yankee was not overvalued. on second thought, go ahead and get angry. it wasn't position; it was steals, or "an exciting brand of play". at some point we have to stop excusing these people and accept the overwhelming evidence that they are morons.

careful, or you'll take me seriously.

berroa had 16 win shares. matsui had 19. offensively, matsui had 16.4. berroa had 9.6. just win baby, as al davis said (walking cyborg counts as dead), but it's interesting to see how 2 such similar offensive lines can be so different. people hate statheads because they tell them that the numbers they're looking at don't mean what they think they mean. yeah. so there's that.


berroa .287/.338/.452
matsui .287/.353/.435

people of low sophistication use the first number. moderately sophisticated people use the next two. then there's win shares, equivalent average, etc, but the point is they're all just numbers. they mean what we make them mean.
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