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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
the pickin' machine, part 2
avkash patel of the raindrops did an excellent analysis of the a's scott hatteberg signing. he kindly refers to my article from august, in which i say some similar things, and gush about scott's glove.

avkash's explanation is better than mine, because he uses batting average on balls in play and is clearer. he says everything i was trying to say and more. plus, to even understand my post you have to spend 10 hours plumbing around figuring out the ridiculous formulae.

also, i used clay davenport's fielding analysis, which i think overstates the importance of first basemen. so anyway, i'm glad someone increased the truth out there.

"the raindrops" is a lyrical blog title. it evokes the sadness and frustration of a washed-out game, which is appropriate for this time of year: the interminable wait known as the void.
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