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Friday, October 31, 2003
wow, what a season!
sorry about the delay. and thanks for the letters of support. what happened was i wanted to devote my baseball energies solely to research. i love writing, but there were some things i wanted to figure out. as a result, i have completely reworked the wal con pow system. i'd tell you about it, but i'd get in trouble. it turns out my ideas are profitable! the truth will come out, though, in the end.

i still wanna write. and i will. it was never about statistics in the first place. i developed the wal con pow system because i wanted to discuss things that others weren't discussing. now that i have experience with these ideas, i can discuss them qualitatively, which is what i've always wanted to do. mostly i'll be flinging unsupported theories at you. when i want to support them, i'll use metrics like win shares and equivalent average.

one thing i will tell you is i have de-complicated pow. it is now simply (hr)/(ab-k). much better. why? that would be telling! i am so mysterious. . . .

it's good to be back. there's a lot to talk about. the mvp, the world series, and of course the 2,430 games of the regular season. which is still my favorite part. to me, the postseason is more of a pageant.
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