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Saturday, August 16, 2003
this is a guest post by charles the demonspawn. ill post more interesting things in the future, but what interests me right now is ken from california and his commentary on billy the man who finally got some playing time after he had peaked and begun his decline mcmillon. mcmillon isnt blazing fast, and he isnt a great defender, but i think he is above average in both categories. the a's have byrnes, singleton, and long who are all ridiculously fast and very good defensively depending upon the position theyre playing [ tlong is a liability as a center fielder but insane as a left fielder ]. newly acquired guillen is also faster and a better defender [ better arm too ] than mcmillon. the owner of the blog is hassling me right now about my style but he can fuck off. im done. mcmillon is better than most people think. hes better than doug piece of shit glanville or oh my god i resurrected my career kenny lofton. i havent really compared these two but lofton is a bitch, so im probably right.

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