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Saturday, August 16, 2003
los angeles at chicago, 8-15-2003
it's raining, why are they starting this game?

mark prior's pitching. this should be fun.

shit, no rickey. it's dave roberts. ground ball to short.

paul loduca fly ball to left.

shawn green home runs are down. single to center.

i'm taking off my shirt.

it's been hot and humid these days but it's cooler now with the rain. my friend ch is scoring the game on a dictaphone. with commentary.

jeromy burnitz strikeout.

ashby v. lofton. ooh.

year team lea ab wal con pow pra
2003 Pit/ChN NL 417 .073 .911 .319 5.15
2002 ChA/SF MLB 532 .119 .863 .321 5.17
2001 Cleveland AL 517 .083 .867 .314 4.38
2000 Cleveland AL 543 .127 .867 .315 4.93
1999 Cleveland AL 465 .145 .819 .320 4.80
1998 Cleveland AL 600 .127 .867 .315 4.88
1997 Atlanta NL 493 .115 .832 .305 3.82
1996 Cleveland AL 662 .084 .876 .314 4.51
1995 Cleveland AL 481 .077 .898 .315 4.73
1994 Cleveland AL 459 .102 .878 .332 5.91
1993 Cleveland AL 569 .125 .854 .303 4.00
1992 Cleveland AL 576 .106 .906 .295 3.84
1991 Houston NL 74 .063 .743 .278 1.72
1991 Tucson AAA 545 .087 .826 .307 3.64
1990 Osceola A 481 .113 .840 .294 3.31
1989 Auburn A 110 .113 .727 .291 2.39
1989 Asheville A 82 .128 .878 .291 3.54
1988 Auburn A 187 .092 .727 .297 2.46

the demonspawn was wrong. lofton can still play.

he hit a single.

ch is lecturing the guy next to him about trades.

i'm not gonna do the cubs batters. they suck.

hey that's not ashby. that's masao kida!

top of the second:

adrian beltre ground ball to third.

robin ventura ground ball to first.

beltre and ventura in the same lineup. that's a problem.

alex cora single to right. this is a horrible offense.

cesar izturis ground ball to second. prior's gonna pitch a complete game. 110 pitches. we'll look it up later.

it's sunny now, and hot.

the cubs offense has gotten progressively worse over the course of the season.

augie ojeda doesn't have a hit yet.

kida groundout.

roberts ground ball to short.

lo duca fly ball to center.

bottom of the second:

prior's at the plate. he's taking pitches. 1-1 count. single to center!

lofton again. bunt up in the air, high arc toward ventura at first. bounce pick up tag . . . foul ball.

the cubs 'bout to even up with houston. all because andy ashby had the flu the other day. alvarez and brown got moved up. brown would've pitched today.

top of the third, 2 out:

alou walked. the bases are loaded for hee seop. big long swing at a ball in the dirt. ball ball swing at a ball in the dirt. took a ball in the dirt. 3-2. strikeout.

it's 1-0 after 3.

shawn green kkbfb bloop double 2 feet from the left field line, right in front of us.

burnitz fly ball to short.

beltre high bloop to the same place as green's double. alex gonzalez ran it down. 2 outs.

ventura fly ball to third.

top of the fourth:

cora high fly to the catcher.

izturis fly ball to center.

kida strikeout.


prior's last start was a complete game. fly ball to left.

lofton fly ball to right.

it's 3:40 that's 1 hour 15 minutes for almost 5 innings.

jets keep flying by cause of the air show.

agonz smashed one down the line. beltre ole'd it.

sosa smashed one too. beltre almost made a great diving catch high in the air but he merely knocked it down. single, run.

alou fly ball to center.

2-0 after 5.

roberts ground ball to short.

lo duca ground ball to second. prior is throwing strikes. he's got nothing to worry about because none of these chumps can hit it out.

shawn green is second in the majors in doubles. ch says that means he's had bad home run luck. he's right.

bottom of the fifth new pitcher paul shuey.

choi strikeout on a ball in the dirt.

aramis ramirez walk.

damian miller is up. ramirez got caught stealing.

ch: the fuckers fly over and the prick says "c'mon fellas bomb us!" what else could he say? everyone cheered like crazy watching the fucking planes.

we're a pair, him with the dictaphone and me with my notebook.

top of the seventh:

jeromy burnitz single off of choi's chest.

beltre. wow. his smash knocked augie ojeda down but the little guy threw from his ass to gonzalez who completed the double to choi.

ventura hit a deep drive to center that lofton should have caught. instead, he let sosa try. triple.

it's ok, though. cora's up. ground ball to second.

the planes flew over again during the seventh inning stretch. russell crowe is singing.


augie's out. still no hits.

prior ground ball to third.

lofton ground ball to second.

2-0 after seven.

jolbert cabrera is up. ground ball to second.

mike kinkade. it's wholesale substitution time.

3-2 hit him.

dave roberts.

mike remlinger is up in the pen.

ch: remlinger doesn't get paid enough.

0-2 single up the middle.

it's 4:20.

lo duca single to left. alou muffs it. run scores.

conference on the mound.

shawn green. fly ball to short.

burnitz. 0-2. the crowd is on its feet. high fastball 95 mph strikeout.

paul quantrill is pitches an uneventful bottom of the eighth.

here comes mark to finish it up. i hope the dodgers come back so i can see eric gagne.

ch is now lecturing his neighbor on pitch counts.

beltre strikeout. prior is letting it all out.

ventura fly ball to left.

everyone stands. ron coomer is the dodgers' last hope. strike, 94 mph. 95 mph foul. 94 just missed. 79 mph changeup strikeout looking. what a game.

2 hours 25 minutes. prior threw 118 pitches.
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