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Wednesday, July 23, 2003
trades! hey, trades!
ben jacobs over at universal wrote a good article on yesterday's trades.

the trades were:
1. pittsburgh ramirez lofton $$$ to cubs for hernandez bruback ptbn
2. pittsburgh sauerbeck gonzalez to cubs for lyon martinez (anastacio, not pedro)
3. san diego orosco to yankees for something.

my comments:
1. pittsburgh wins
2 & 3. who cares (that's basically what ben says, but he backs it up with intelligent analysis. i can't tell you what a pleasure it is to read a baseball article and see stats that have meaning. he says he works at a newspaper. i hope they let him write. ben, what do you do over there? computers? they probably won't let you write. they can't replace you.)

---ed. note: ben says he does write, but no column, only local coverage. we're rootin' for ya, ben!

back to (1). everybody says cubs win but ben says not so fast! his main points are yeah ramirez had that good 2001 but he's sucked since and he gets $3 mil this year $6 mil next year. so unless that cash is a pile the cubs are bitches. he also says lofton hernandez bruback . . . (yawn) and whoever that ptbn is he's gravy. i saw on rotoworld that it might be bobby hill but now i can't find the link. plus my browser crashed. fuckers.

anyway if it is bobby hill it's a serious ass-raping. sorry about that image. you can move the hyphen to between "serious" and "ass" if you want. i guess that doesn't make it much better. i like ben's cool blue backgrounds with white text. it's very pleasing. it hurts the eyes to stare at a glaring white screen all day. maybe i'll change my look.
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