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Tuesday, July 08, 2003
questec and the kids
the mets have been getting surprisingly adequate performances from kids this year, most notably ty wigginton, jason phillips, and jae seo. they are also a questec park. is there a correlation? i'm gonna say there is.

what does questec do? it makes umps call the same game for every player. watch as many games as i do and you'll realize that the non-questec zone is shorter and fatter than the questec zone. another thing umps like to do is give borderline calls to veterans. everybody admits it . . . players, umps . . . they joke about it. so young batters feel like they have to swing at everything, and young pitchers feel like they have to groove it down the middle.

it wouldn't be hard to do a study of young players' k rates in and out of questec parks. if anyone does one, let me know.
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