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Monday, July 14, 2003
expos catchers
the expos have an interesting situation. they have 2 catchers, one righty one lefty, both 26. frank robinson has been giving them equal playing time, presumably in some kind of partial platoon. is he crazy?

michael barrett .189/.266/.373 (avg/obp/slg)
brian schneider .248/.344/.429

from these numbers it looks like schneider should start. but let's look at some numbers with meaning:

michael barrett .086 .834 .336 .280/.342/.463
brian schneider .125 .789 .338 .267/.358/.447

wal con pow followed by predicted avg/obp/slg. both have an .805 ops. whaddyaknow frank robinson knows what he's doing.

barrett will have the better career, though, due to higher con.
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