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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
braves at mets, 7-8-2003
marcus giles has a chance to be better than his brother, which would be amazing.

age 25:

big bro' (1996) .136 .893 .287
ba' bro' (2003) .094 .860 .205

brian is the better batter, but it's close. defensively, however, marcus is better. he was 27 runs over replacement in 114 games in 2001-2002, and he plays second base. brian was an average center fielder in his prime; now he is an average left fielder. interestingly, both brothers were wasted early in their career. brian didn't get full pt until age 28.

marcus giles is part of one of the best fielding teams in baseball. he and rafael furcal are great on the dp. other good defenses: oakland (surprise!), seattle, st louis, la.

how 'bout that rafael furcal? .088 .885 .211 this is his breakout season. also 25, he's got contact and speed, and is developing patience and power. defense: 49 runs over replacement in 2002. best arm in the game. braves fans are pissin their pants. and will be for years.

jeromy burnitz just crushed one, over the 396 sign in left-center. way over. and he's left-handed, so that's the opposite field.

does burnitz still got it? .080 .766 .425 sho' 'nuff. last year was bad luck. course, at 34, he could fall off the cliff at any moment.

chipper jones is a bad third baseman and a good left fielder. i've been railing against the move for years, but maybe i should shut up. ok, clearly i should shut up.

vinny castilla does suck though. it's time for wilson betemit:

fat-tilla .053 .852 .208
kid (AAA) .074 .750 .120

shit, i take it back. from now on i trust cox and schuerholz.

what about mark derosa? whaddyaknow he's a quality utility infielder: .069 .777 .181.

other players i've criticized in the past:

julio franco .106 .788 .161
matt franco .048 .863 .145

mmm . . . crow.

i think joe simpson and don sutton are even worse than chip caray and steve stone. i pretty much keep them on permanent mute. everything they say drips with insipid old-southern morality. especially nauseating are their sermons about grounding out to the right side.

remember the great kevin millwood dump of 2003? perhaps there's a silver lining:

johnny estrada (AAA) .082 .920 .189

my tummy hurts.
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