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Tuesday, July 22, 2003
bobby hill (AAA) 327 .094 .823 .316 .260/.330/.386 4.65
spring, 2002, bobby hill was a hot prospect. he had a shot at the starting 2b job. the trib did a feature on him. he got sent down.

spring, 2003, bobby hill was a hot prospect. he competed with mark grudzielanek for the starting job. he got sent down.

was he over-hyped or unlucky?

a little of both. but he sure as hell beats grudzielanek:

grudzielanek,mark 339 .084 .861 .305 .263/.325/.360 4.28

hill has a better eye and better power. plus he's 25, and will improve.

bobby hill, 2002 190 .082 .779 .317 .247/.309/.368 4.08

that was last year. the year he was a bust. but he was almost as good as cruddy-lanek, and he was 24. he's better than that now. the cubs can't see it.

he'll be above major-league average starting next year, followed by a nice peak, then a slide into obscurity. oh wait, it's the cubs. they'll sign him to a giant multi-year contract.
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