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Thursday, June 19, 2003
notes from a cubs game:

i think pitchers are beginning to close the gap that hitters opened up on them in 1993. the hitter explosion was based on growth juice (tm); the pitcher rebirth will be due to less career-ending injuries to young arms. people are finally, slowly, learning how to take care of their pitchers.

my revenue sharing/ salary cap plan: take each team's ticket and tv revenues (maybe others, whatever), and cut them in half. 50% goes to the league, 50% to the team. the league's half then gets divided by 30, one share for each team. that amount is the salary cap. teams use their shares to pay salaries. they cannot go over, and whatever they don't use they lose. obviously almost all of it will be used. teams use the other revenue they generate to pay for the farm system, park improvements, et al. this is a good system for the players because they are guaranteed half the revenue. the biggest problem is to make sure the teams get good value in their tv contracts. it can be insured by good accountants.

the worst thing about watching cubs games is chip caray.

mark prior is gonna win the nl cy young.
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