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Saturday, June 21, 2003
javy lopez .059 .823 .449
there was a link on our fantasy website to an article about guys that sucked last year but are good this year. i was going to run the numbers on them and see whether it would last, but the article is gone. i remember that javy lopez was on it, so we'll do him.

that kind of contact combined with that kind of power is super super super. i bet vlad's numbers are similar. we could call these guys "conpows". get it? i suppose then there would also be walcons, walpows, and that rarest of beasts, the walconpow. otherwise known as barry bonds.

ok enough. javy has never hit with that kind of power (few have), and he won't continue. expect 30 hr on the season. patience this year is bad as usual. what about contact?

2000 .075 .834 .237
2001 .080 .813 .194
2002 .089 .818 .169

contact is the same. so he's been slightly hit lucky. (he was unlucky last year.) with the moderate power gains he seems to have made, look for a year similar to 1998 (.284/.328/.540), ie badass.
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