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Friday, June 20, 2003
bellhorn may have had his best year last year, but with the trade to colorado he's got a shot at a pension.

good baseball resources:
daily: lee sinins' atm reports---all the important news with statistics you can use.
scouting guide: baseball prospectus---their website sucks because it's mostly premium and they think they're the masters of science. clay davenport's player cards are good, though. and the prospectus triple play is a daily column that's better than most. premium things i would read if i had them: will carroll's injury reports, chris kahrl's transaction analysis. chris is the master of references that no one gets. as an added bonus, his sentences are labrynthine.
book: the bill james baseball abstract 2000
column: rob neyer
fantasy: join my fantasy leagues (free)! a fantasy league that mirrors true player value is a big help toward understanding the game. drop me a line if you wanna join.
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