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Thursday, June 19, 2003
the 13 is often a tough play, because the runner can get in the way. it can happen on any bunt or weak grounder to the right side. sometimes the first baseman gets involved, making it tougher. the second baseman has to cover first, and it's a bang-bang play (14 or 34). then there's that magic corridor between the mound and first. if a ball's fast enough to go through, but not fast enough for the second baseman, there's nothing they can do.

the bases are loaded, 1 out, in the ninth, and lenny harris is at the plate. that should be mark bellhorn. harris struck out. next batter: troy o'leary. that should be mark bellhorn. or choi. the cubs have a lot of bad hitters that get playing time:

lenny harris .092 .888 .071
tom goodwin .035 .831 .072
eric karros .097 .901 .229
mark grudzielanek .064 .851 .094
ramon martinez .105 .857 .147

(data through june 19)

grudzielanek and martinez are usable as backup infielders. the rest are zeroes. i suppose you could keep goodwin as a fifth outfielder, but they need somebody on the bench who can hit. and i'm not talking about choi, hill, and bellhorn. they should be starting.

oh yeah troy o'leary sucks too: .067 .847 .138
(does not include june 19: 1 pa 1 k)

dusty baker can't get enough crappy veterans.
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